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    ESET Smart Security Business Edition 4.0.474.0


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    ESET Smart Security Business Edition 4.0.474.0

    Mensaje por freedash el Lun Mar 29, 2010 11:07 am

    ESET Smart Security integrates the known qualities of NOD32 with effective antispam and firewall modules into a unified solution for proactive protection against all types of threats, ideal for corporate environments of all sizes to be included with the complete ESET Remote Administration Console Administrator.

    Imagine an all in one quick, efficient, easy to use, it does not interfere with daily tasks of the users of its network and can be managed by you. wherever, whenever. That is ESET Smart Security.

    The management console version of Business Edition ESET Smart Security provides all the flexibility, scalability and manageability, installation and monitoring of computer security that your company needs.

    ESET Smart Security Business Edition includes a large number of features that will protect their assets and allow you to detect security problems before they can affect your network.

    Unified Solution: ESET Smart Security Business Edition includes antivirus, antispyware, antispam and firewall into a single unified application, optimizing the use of
    of computer resources and network.

    Updating and Centralized Management: With ESET Remote Administrator, you can manage the antivirus installed on your network, both on workstations, monitor their protection status and to update and scheduled centrally, reducing load on your network thanks to updates ESET incremental.

    Quick and easy installation remotely: With your administration console, you can remotely install and easy antivirus all workstations,
    packages using custom settings according to your needs, through multiple methods.

    Integration and Management Solutions Admission Control: The latest version of ESET Smart Security Business Edition incorporates critical security functions today, such as control of external storage devices, compatibility with Cisco Network Admission Control (NAC) and notifications through multiple methods (email, SNMP, etc.).

    Protection of the unknown: With the smart technology ThreatSense ©️, which uses multiple layers of threat detection, your network is protected against known and unknown malicious code.

    No complications: ESET Smart Security Business Edition is easy to use, both for the user as the network administrator.

    Firewall profiles: In addition to the preset profiles, user can set their own rules and create their own profiles.

    Authentication Trusted Zone: This feature ensures that the computer is connecting to the web of trust and not to an unknown network. Thus you can define the firewall rules correctly depending on which network you are.
    Not only that, ESET Smart Security Business Edition incorporates other important features such as integration with ESET SysInspector, the new ESET SysRescue, technology Self-Defense and Anti-Stealth, and is compatible with Windows 7.

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